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The philosophy of our company, always has been that of vinificated only grapes from our vineyard, “a unique cru”, this why we believe that the characteristics and the quality transmitted by the land means as soil, subsoil, exposition to the sun, geographycal area, climate and microclimate are unique and not reproducible by other lands even if away only few kilometers.

Vinificating grapes originating from different lands there is the loosing of that characteristics tied to a defined territory that a D.O.C.G. Wine means.

The territory and the environnement in which the grapes are cultivated are a key factor into the determination of the wine nature and of how it will be different respect to other wines made with the same variety of grape, but cultivated in different condictions and different places.

The Rizzini farms positioned at North/East of the franciacorta territory, at the foot of the Monticelli Brusati hills, in a natural ambience far away from source of pollution, since 1985 it cultivated the vineyards of proprety, into lands where by ever the wisdom and the peasant capacity has exclusively practiced the viticulture, famous zone for the wine experts of high quality and big wine growing. All the processing are done directly by us with the consulence of a agronomist for the field process and of an oenologist for the process in winery.

Since sixteen years we comply to the communitary regulamentation which regarding the environnement respect permises only the use of specific products and only in limited quantity for the phytosanitary prevention. We exclusively vinify and bottle vintage for vintage without the assemblage of wines from different vintages (cuvèe), allow that ever harvest express at the maximum the proprety of itself, not pursuing the stylistic continuity of a product “always the same”, but considering as a asset the natural variability of the wine, certanly more authentic of the standardized Franciacorta.

Our little dimension allow us to be unslaves of market laws, trends or fashions; we probably are the only company in franciacorta, or at least between the few, to can afford the luxury of vinify only the best vintages. To confirm this the 2003 vintage, extremely hot, and the most recently 2007, not particulary brilliant, haven't been produced. The target of our company isn't to produce a majority number of bottles, but to reach the excellence in ever detail and the continuos improvement of the quality. Further to valorize the specificy of our zone and of our franciacorta we search to produce them with the minimum possible quantity of sulfur in the way to obtain more expressive and authentic wines.
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Azienda Agricola Boniotti Angela
Via Torre, 4
25040 Monticelli Brusati (BS)
Telefono +39 339 8497703
P. IVA 01676790171
E-Mail : info@rizzinifranciacorta.it
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